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Stories from Parents, Patients or Loved Ones of Those
Diagnosed with GT

Email your stories to Helen Smith for approval.


Brief Description

Contact Info

Muhammad A family of 6 in Pakistan, 4 children with GT. Email
Denise A nurse living near Pittsburg, Pa, USA Email
Teen female from MA, USA
Chase A little boy, told by his mom. Email
Wyatt  A little boy in Washington State, USA. Told by his mom. Email
Tuba  Teen female from Pakistan, told by her sister Rubab Email
  Adult male GT patient from Oregon, USA.
Twins as told by their mother Eva-Lena, Sweden
An adult male GT patient from Detroit, Michigan, USA.
An adult female from Jordan in the Middle East. Her own story.
An adult female from Jacksonville FL, USA
An adult GT patient. Her own story.
Two children, told by their mother, Heather
An Adult GT patient in Toronto, Canada
A teenage boy in MA, USA, as told by his mom, Melissa
An adult male from Australia.
Brandon A little boy in South Africa, written by his mom, Tina
Quinn A little boy in Ohio, written by his mom.
Dana and Aidan A story of 2 of 4 Children from Florida, USA as told by their mother
Calista A young Canadian girl, as told by her mother, Amanda.  
Alicia & Julia
Their own web site
Two of three daughters Oregon USA
News On Alicia's bone marrow transplant
Post BMT note: There is a reason we went through all that and are in the daylight on the other side...


Charlotte Written by her husband to tell the story of this remarkable woman.
Cass & Kari My sister, Cassidy, and I both have the disorder and we have one brother who does not.
Daniel Boy in Minnesota, USA
David Young man in England. His mother, Marilyn founded an internet support group.


Emily ***
Recently Updated
Young girl in Pennsylvania, USA
Elise *** mother of 3 Recently Updated Daniel, Eliza, and Luke all have GT
Eva Australian living in England
"hobbes" Ameri-asian boy living in the US
Julia ***
Recently Updated

The 3rd  child of Georgia, USA couple who founded this website and the non profit Research Foundation for GT.


Jyll *** Recently Updated
An adult female who lives in Sylvania, Ohio, USA
One child of a couple in the midwest U.S. Two other siblings
don't have GT
Adult GT patient Louisiana, USA
Lisa from Ohio
Belgian boy living in Switzerland
From Thailand to Minnesota, a family of 10 shares their experience. 2 children are diagnosed with GT.
Our first Chinese contact. She wants to communicate with us.
Please Email her.

Please send pictures and stories for this page.

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