Nose Bleeds

I use a humidifier in the house during winter when the air is dry.

Also, I use a lubricating nasal gel (Rhinaris or Secaris) in the morning and especially at bedtime. My nosebleeds tend to start after a night's sleep. When I was a child my doctor told me to use Vaseline or polysporin (back then the nasal gels didn't exist). I find the nasal gel works better. It's not as thick and it helps open the sinus passage and keeps the sinus moist.

Hopefully this will help.



To stop nosebleeds: don't let it bleed forever. try to stop it. You can hold ice on the nose that will slow the flow.

Also in a nose bleed DO NOT TAKE OUT THE CLOT. Leave it in there. If it has stoped the nose bleed do not take the clot out. At least for a day or so. And when taking the clot out. Have a hot shower and let the water run on your face. Do not pull the clot out when it is dry or it will start bleeding. I learned that from lots of experience.