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Mom on a Mission

My name is Helen Smith and I am a Mom on a Mission. I need your donation to help cure a rare, yet fatal disease. I’d like to thank you in advance for taking a moment to read this letter and consider my request.

I said “cure” because the clinical trials are only a matter of time and money away according to the research results by Dr. David Wilcox of the Medical College of Wisconsin.

I founded Glanzmann’s Research Foundation (a 501c3 organization) to pay for research towards a cure and promote general knowledge. With the initial capitalization and continued support, Dr. Wilcox has been able to correct Glanzmannís Thrombasthenia in human cells in the laboratory environment. (His full report is available).

He reports that, with recent successes, this worldwide disease can be cured.This research is also working to target other therapeutic agents to platelets such as coagulation factor VIII to correct hemophilia and a peptide that may help platelets to resist destruction with chemotherapy agents used to treat a variety of cancers.

Since launching our web site ( we have been overwhelmed with both public interest and interest from the medical community worldwide. Physicians use our site to learn how to effectively treat this unusual disease. The public uses it to find hope and blog ways to manage the manifestations in children and adults that plague their lives.

My Daughter

My daughter Julia is diagnosed with Glanzmann’s Thrombasthenia. The platelets in Julia’s and other GT patients’ blood are missing a protein that is crucial in the clotting process. Without the protein they cannot form an effective clot. As a result they are prone to life threatening bleeds and often are covered in painful bruises and have frequent nosebleeds. Julia can't walk for extended periods of time or participate in PE for certain activities because she gets bleeds behind her knees in the joint. Julia will not be able to participate in most sports because of the risks involved with any contact. A normal stomach virus as well as some antibiotics can and have resulted in life threatening internal bleeds for Julia. Currently, the only treatment option is to give platelet transfusions, which is very risky.

Julia is more fortunate than many who do not know how to cope. In some societies, children can become outcasts. This is why I say I am a Mom on a Mission.

Help with a Donation

Iíd like for you to help me take the next step necessary to ensure the Glanzmannís Research Foundation will be successful in curing GT by the year 2019. My Julia will be 21 years old by then. She still has the chance to lead a normal life.

Iím taking the Glanzmannís Research Foundation into the national and international arena so that others will learn about GT and support our efforts in making GT a distant memory instead of the reality that it is today.I need your financial support to make this happen; you can make a significant difference towards curing this disorder. If your company participates in the United Way Campaign please consider writing in the Glanzmann’s Research Foundation, because many companies will match your contributions.

We need $50,000 in January 2008. Should you choose to become the primary sponsor for the Glanzmannís Research Foundation you will receive credit and recognition in as many media venues and publications as possible, as well as all fundraising events that occur in 2008, including the March 1st Casino Night at Sacred Heart Cultural Center in Augusta, Georgia. We will keep you updated on our progress towards a cure through monthly updates on our website.Of course any amount that you are able to contribute towards our goal of $50,000 will also be recognized accordingly and greatly appreciated.

GT will be cured, and with your help, it can be cured in as little as 10 years!Imagine playing a part in the cure of GT. At one time, the world lived in fear of polio, small pox and other diseases. Today, they are rarely mentioned. You will be contributing to wiping GT off the face of the earth, so we can live without fear of this disease.

I invite you to our website,, to discover the effects of the disease worldwide, and to learn more about this rare disease. Iíve also included a link to a news article about our recent trip to Washington, DC where we met with George W. Bush.

Please call me. I will meet with you in person. Perhaps you know others who can support this and I will personally introduce myself to them as well. Right now I am only one person but with your contribution I hope to get others involved in the fund raising effort.

Thank you!



Helen Smith
Glanzmannís Research Foundation

A picture is worth a 1,000 words.With that being said, Iíd like to ask you to look at the pictures Iíve included.These pictures are of four different children, including my own daughter; Julia.


Iíve included these pictures for one reason only; you canít understand what a Ďlife threatening nosebleedí is until you see it for yourself.My intention is not to shock you or offend you in any way, this is my child and these are Eliseís children and this is our world.

This is what GT looks like.

GT is scary, GT is sad, GT is heart-breaking, and GT can be cured. You can play a major role in stopping this devastating nightmare by supporting us now

Yes I am interested, please contact me.


My company is a United Way Campaign contributor. I would like more information.


I know someone who can help you.


My check is forthcoming:


If you would prefer, you may make a donation to the Glanzmann's Research Foundation through PayPal right now by clicking this link.

I canít help now but please keep me informed on your progress


This is a non profit website. The goal of this site is to provide the general public, parents, loved ones, and the medical community with accurate information. All information is taken from sources believed to be reliable. No treatment of GT should be undertaken without medical supervision. Donations should be made to the Glanzmann's Research Foundation.
All donations are tax deductible

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