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The following medical doctors and researchers have volunteered to be medical contacts on the Glanzmann’s Research Foundation’s website. They can be contacted via email by any individual with questions regarding GT related issues. On behalf of the Glanzmann’s Research Foundation, GT patients and their families I’d like to express my gratitude to each of our contacts.

Helen Smith
Glanzmann’s Research Foundation

Doctors & Researchers
Contact Info
Dr. David Wilcox: Researcher working on curing GT, Medical College of Wisconsin
Dr. Gilbert C. White: Director of the Blood Center, Medical College of Wisconsin.
Dr. Sherman M. Chamberlain: Medical College of Georgia, School of Medicine, Gastroenterology / Hepatology Faculty
Dr. Mortimer Poncz: Childrens Medical Hospital of Philidalphia
Dr. George Feldman: A dentist familiar with GT
Dr. Alan Lichtin: A physician who sees GT patients

Helen Smith, founder of this site and the Glanzmann's Research Foundation. Contact her to add events, post articles, add research info, post your story, or to make donations, etc. Email Helen at: Helen@Glanzmanns.Com

This is a non profit website. The goal of this site is to provide the general public, parents, loved ones, and the medical community with accurate information. All information is taken from sources believed to be reliable. No treatment of GT should be undertaken without medical supervision. Donations should be made to the Glanzmann's Research Foundation.
All donations are tax deductible

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