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Golfing For A Cure 2004

Aidana & Julia
Aidana's interview, what a pro!.JPG
Aidana's interview,
what a pro!
Ben, Aaron and Peggy stop to pose.JPG
Ben, Aaron and Peggy stop to pose
Dr. Wilcox presents to GT guests2.jpg
Dr. Wilcox presents to GT guests
Charlotte & Caroline register Charles and Jimmy.JPG
Charlotte & Caroline register Charles and Jimmy
Julia and Uncle Jay.JPG
Julia and Uncle Jay
Emily's interview.JPG
Emily's interview
Great presentation!2.jpg
Great presentation!
still registering... these guys must be slow.JPG
still registering... these guys must be slow
Mark Cheek sends the golfers off in style.JPG
Mark Cheek sends the golfers off in style
Aidana's interview.JPG
Aidana's interview
Great pipe music.JPG
Great pipe music
Keith with Augusta ENT getting ready to play.JPG
Keith with Augusta ENT getting ready to play
Kelly & Emily .JPG
Kelly & Emily
last minute instructions are given to the golfers.JPG
Last minute instructions are given to the golfers
$3500 Donation.jpg
$3500 Donation
$3500 Winner.jpg
$3500 Winner
2 4-Wheelers Auctioned.jpg
2 4-Wheelers Auctioned
A Weekend Getaway.jpg
A Weekend Getaway
After Dinner.jpg
After Dinner
After Dinner1.jpg
After Dinner1
After Dinner2.jpg
After Dinner2
After Dinner3.jpg
After Dinner3
After Dinner4.jpg
After Dinner4
After Dinner5.jpg
After Dinner5
After Dinner6.jpg
After Dinner6
Alan Starts The Auction.jpg
Alan Starts The Auction
Alan Takes A Break.jpg
Alan Takes A Break
An Expensive Ball.jpg
An Expensive Ball
Auction Begins.jpg
Auction Begins
Auction Bidding.jpg
Auction Bidding
Auction Items.jpg
Auction Items
Bartenders View.jpg
Bartenders View
Chris__Go Long.jpg
Chris, Go Long
Dinner Conversation.jpg
Dinner Conversation
Dinner Is Served.jpg
Dinner Is Served
Easy-Go Golf Cart.jpg
Club Car Golf Cart
Easy-Go Golf Cart2.jpg
Club Car Golf Cart2
Finally A Moment To Eat.jpg
Finally A Moment To Eat
Getting Ready.jpg
Getting Ready
Golfing For A Cure.jpg
Golfing For A Cure
Winding Down4.jpg
Winding Down4
Having A Good Time.jpg
Having A Good Time
Heading Home.jpg
Heading Home
Helens Brother.jpg
Helens Brother
Helens Brother1.jpg
Helens Brother1
I Need More Tickets.jpg
I Need More Tickets
I Won That.jpg
I Won That
Im Going Hunting.jpg
Im Going Hunting
Is That My Ticket Number.jpg
Is That My Ticket Number
Kelly In Charge.jpg
Kelly In Charge
Last Minute Instr.jpg
Last Minute Instr
Live Auction.jpg
Live Auction
Live Auction2.jpg
Live Auction2
Lynx Hockey Stick.jpg
Lynx Hockey Stick
Making Bids.jpg
Making Bids
Nice 4-Wheeler.jpg
Nice 4-Wheeler
One Ticket Please.jpg
One Ticket Please
Painted Bird House.jpg
Painted Bird House
Pink Girls.jpg
Pink Girls
Pink Girls1.jpg
Pink Girls1
Pink Girls2.jpg
Pink Girls2
Placing Bids.jpg
Placing Bids
Restrooms Are That Way.jpg
Restrooms Are That Way
Salad Plates.jpg
Salad Plates
Setup Dinner.jpg
Setup Dinner
Setup Dinner3.jpg
Setup Dinner3
Thanks To Our Sponsors.jpg
Thanks To Our Sponsors
Thats Our Ticket.jpg
Thats Our Ticket
The Big Ticket.jpg
The Big Ticket
This Beer Is Empty.jpg
This Beer Is Empty
This Table Is Well Guarded.jpg
This Table Is Well Guarded
Two Tickets Please.jpg
Two Tickets Please
We Won These Dolls.jpg
We Won These Dolls
We Won These Dolls2.jpg
We Won These Dolls2
We Won This Cool Globe.jpg
We Won This Cool Globe
We Won This Too.jpg
We Won This Too
We Won This.jpg
We Won This
What Am I Bid.jpg
What Am I Bid
Whens Dinner.jpg
Whens Dinner
Who Has Ticket Number....jpg
Who Has Ticket Number...
Winding Down.jpg
Winding Down
Winding Down1.jpg
Winding Down1
Winding Down2.jpg
Winding Down2
Winding Down3.jpg
Winding Down3
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